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The State of California had targeted the park for closure on July 1, 2012. You can help the effort to save Saddleback Butte Park by giving your tax deductible donation to "Save Saddleback" through the non-profit Poppy Reserve/Mojave Desert Interpretive Association (PRMDIA)  P.O. Box 1408, Lancaster, CA 93584


Now that the park has been saved the group that helped save it will be called the SUPPORT SADDLEBACK COMMITTEE

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Click here for photos of State Parks Night at the JetHawks game.

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New video featuring the park.  Click here

January 12, 2015 - The water system maintenance project at Saddleback Butte is complete, so both the Picnic Area and  Campground are again open to the public with much better water  pressure.  After remodeling, the Visitor Center is now open Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 3pm.

 January 11, 2015, Sunday - An article on the First Day Hikes appeared in the Antelope Valley Press today. Click here for the story by Alan Hendry.

January 9, 2014  -  Governor Jerry Brown released his Fiscal Year 2015-16 State Budget today which provides a modest amount of additional funding for  state parks. Click here for the link to a statement from Elizabeth Goldstein, president of California  State Parks Foundation (CSPF) concerning the proposed budget

This site will no longer exist after October 2015.  Please visit the PRMDIA website for the new Saddleback page.  Click here


Official State Web Site

The park is 17 miles east of Lancaster at the intersection of Avenue J & 170th St. East.  Campgrounds and picnic areas are available. Click on the official site above for information

 Although it has been a dry season, no one told the flowers at Saddleback.  Here is a link to the 2014 season’s bloom.

 Thanks to the Support Saddleback Fund (formerly Save Saddleback Fund) & your donations, the park staff is now funded so that the Visitor Center is open every weekend from 11am-4pm. Campfire programs will be offered every Saturday at 6pm.  Improvements have been made to the Visitor Center by the Lancaster Photography Association whose members have donated photos & labor to update our displays of the park’s wildlife.  Click here for a photo of one display.

SAVE SADDLEBACK UPDATE - December 2013  - Due to the financial support and efforts of those interested in keeping Saddleback Butte State Park open, we have raised sufficient funds to achieve our initial commitment and even exceed it by $3,000.  This allowed us to give $23,000 to the Department of Parks and Recreation to be used exclusively at Saddleback Butte State Park.  This donation was matched by the State from the matching funds program bringing the total to $46,000.  These funds will assist in providing staffing as well as in funding necessary infrastructure repairs and modifications to facilitate the public enjoyment of the park.  We are excited about the projects now in progress, and thank all who gave of their time, money, and/or participation support.  Promoting use and enjoyment of the park in the future is critical.  We will continue with your support to plan events and raise funds. --- The Save Saddleback Committee

Save Saddleback Committee receives $5,000 Grant!    The California State Parks  Foundation announced on July 11, 2013 that they will award $5,000 to the Save  Saddleback Fund.  This contribution, along with all money donated to Save Saddleback Butte State Park, is eligible for matching funds from  the California Department of Parks and Recreation. When the funding cycle is completed and matching funds awarded, this means that the Save Saddleback Committee, operating under the umbrella of PR/MDIA, will have raised more than $23,000 ($46,000 with matching funds) to help keep Saddleback Butte State Park open to the public. The SSC is very grateful for the support  of the California State Parks Foundation and to everyone who has contributed to our efforts. If you would like to add to our efforts, it  is not too late to donate!

DEFEND WHAT IS YOURS.  From the California State Parks Foundation.  Click here.

The horse ride and hike were a success on March 24th. Click here for an article by Alan Hendry of the AV Press

Saddleback reprieve article form the AV Press on Friday, July 13   here

Horse Tales, an article about Saddleback Butte Park by Elaine Macdonald in the April issue of the AV Press Lifestyles magazine. Click here

Corralling California Poppies. Here is an article from the Desert Report of March 2012 by Mark Faull.  Click here.

Why Save Saddleback Butte State Park ?

The Changing Seasons at Saddleback Butte

State Parks and Education

Some of Our Efforts to Date

   We wish to thank those people who donated funds in 2012 to help keep Saddleback Butte State Park open.  Your support has contributed to keeping the park open per our agreement with the California Department of Parks and Recreation.  In particular, we wish to thank the two anonymous donors who each donated $1,000 as well as the Antelope Valley Group of the Sierra Club who donated $225.  Since donations are made to the Save Saddleback Fund through the non-profit Poppy Reserve/Mojave Desert Interpretive Association, all contributions are tax deductible. The raised funds will also be eligible for the matching funds program with the “found” state money.   --- The Save Saddleback Committee

The Save Saddleback Committee will continue to raise funds for the Park

California State Parks Threatened Due to Budget Shortfalls

  Concerned citizens are banding together both locally and statewide to help save and keep open as many of our precious parks as possible.  The Save Saddleback Committee is made up of citizens who recognize the majesty, beauty, and special character of Saddleback Butte State Park and who are working creatively together to perpetuate these wonderments for the benefit of all our citizenry.  In California, statewide cuts have heavily impacted California State Parks.  Funding for State Parks has been cut consistently for several years.  In July 2011, this agency absorbed a drastic $11 million dollar budget reduction with additional cuts scheduled to be implemented in July 2012.  Lacking adequate operating funds, the Department of Parks and Recreation had no choice but to schedule parks for closure.  Saddleback Butte State Park was scheduled for closure beginning July 1, 2012. Since its formation, the Save Saddleback Committee has been actively fund raising and through these efforts has been able to sign a donor agreement with the Department of Parks and Recreation wherein the committee, working through the Poppy Reserve/Mojave Desert Interpretative Association, will contribute funds to prevent the total closure of Saddleback Butte State Park for this fiscal year.  This has been made possible by contributions from local citizens as well as with a grant from the California State Parks Foundation.  The committee recognizes that we have only a temporary reprieve.   Our passion and momentum to save Saddleback Butte State Park will not cease.  We will ardently continue to fundraise to promote the values inherent in this unique landscape for the enjoyment of all.  We welcome the time and talents of anyone who would like to help this noble effort.  Together, we hope to save Saddleback Butte State Park from closing its doors in the foreseeable future.  Please join our effort or donate if you are able.

Assembly Bill 42 Approves Non-Profit Partnerships to Keep Parks Open

Access To Our American Heritage

The Connection Between State Parks & Tourism

Theaters Of Art & Science

A Few Less Talked About Benefits Of Parks

Parks & Community Rejuvenation

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