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The State of California had targeted the park for closure on July 1, 2012. You can help the effort to save Saddleback Butte Park by giving your tax deductible donation to "Save Saddleback" through the non-profit Poppy Reserve/Mojave Desert Interpretive Association (PRMDIA)  P.O. Box 1408, Lancaster, CA 93584


Now that the park has been saved the group that helped save it will be called the SUPPORT SADDLEBACK COMMITTEE

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History of Saddleback Butte State Park

Originally Named “Joshua Trees” State Park

Early documentation of the history of the park.   Part1  Part 2

1954  -  Civic Groups Consolidated committee forms.  Chairman:  Jane S. Pinheiro

1955  -  Antelope Valley State Park Committee established.  Members: Jane Pinheiro, Mrs. John Brewer, Mrs. Hobart Bosworth, John Gentry, Viola Gordon, Henry Gauger, Judge Bill Keller, Sid Osheim, and Rev. Norvall Pickett.

1956  -  Passage of bill sponsored by Assemblyman Allen Miller to establish “Joshua Trees State Park”.

1957  -  Official date of acquisition of park  as a part of the state park system with unit number 543.

1960  -  Official ceremony takes place on April 9.

     Master of Ceremonies was Judge Allen Miller. Ceremony broadcast by KAVL. Participants included Jane S. Pinheiro, the A.V. High School Band under the direction of William Ballard, William Webber of the American Legion, Clifford L. Rawson and California State Park representatives Chief Charles A. de Turk and Superintendent L.W. Lively. Plaque unveiled honoring founders of Joshua Trees State Park: Jane S. Pinheiro, Harry C. Gauger, Viola Gordon, Sid Osheim, Wm.D.Keller, Catherine Brewer and Allen Miller

1972  -  Park renamed Saddleback Butte State Park so as not to be confused with Joshua Tree National Park near Twenty Nine Palms.

1993  -  Antelope Valley Trails Recreation & Environmental Council president Elaine MacDonald and Vic Maris, Superintendent for Mojave Desert State Parks, begin planning process to establish equestrian trail.

1995  - Antelope Valley Heritage Foundation begins work to establish the Richard “Dick” Dowen Nature Trail.

2010 - 50th anniversary celebration of the park.


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Save Saddleback Poster

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Click here for photos of State Parks Night at the JetHawks game.

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